The Little Book of Deep Learning

This book is a short introduction to deep learning for readers with a STEM background, originally designed to be read on a phone screen. This is the v1.2 updated on May 19th, 2024.

It is distributed under a non-commercial Creative Commons license and was downloaded 600'000 times in a bit more than a year.

Download the phone-formatted pdf Buy a $9 paperback copy on Download a printable A5 booklet pdf

Note that the version sold on Amazon and other on-line platforms for $40 is "unauthorized": someone stole the content and sells it. Preventing this would require to sue and I have better things to do with my time.

  pages of the book in low-resolution
A photo of the book A photo of the book
A photo of the book A photo of the book


V1.2 (May 19, 2024)

V1.1.1 (Sep 20, 2023)

V1.1 (Sep 8, 2023)